Preparing for Holiday Guests | Winter Park Luxury Apartments

At Juno Winter Park, the holidays are quickly approaching and now is the time to start preparing your home for the guests that you will host. Our Winter Park luxury apartments feature amazing amenities that make our homes ideal for hosting guests. Use our guide and get your home ready for the upcoming holiday season at Juno Winter Park!

#1 Sleeping Arrangements

The most important aspect of hosting guests for the holidays is to ensure that everyone has somewhere to sleep. If you are close with your guest, you may just consider sharing your bed with them, but if you’re not that close or there are multiple guests, you’ll want to have other options. If you’re in a 2 or 3 bedroom home and have a room to spare, you can turn it into a guest room so your guests have privacy. You can invest in a pull out couch that doubles as a bed, or if you’re not wanting to part with your beautiful antique couch, a sturdy air mattress like this one is sure to provide an ample amount of support.

#2 Food & Drinks

When you’re expecting guests, it is important to stock up on plenty of food and drinks that will last throughout their stay. If you’re wanting to take them to your favorite restaurants for dinner, stock up on breakfast, lunch, and snacks that will keep you full throughout the day. Ask your guest what their favorite foods and drinks are and stock up on those, and maybe even surprise them with a nice bottle of wine or the ingredients for a special cocktail.

#3 Cleaning

Of course, when you have guests over, you’ll want to welcome them into a clean home. Start off with cleaning the areas that you know they will be in the most like the bedroom, bathroom, and the living area. It isn’t necessary to get into every nook and cranny because, more than likely, your guests won’t be judging your cleaning skills. A general dusting, vacuum, and wipe down of surfaces will be perfect and you won’t have to stress about how clean your home is.

Come home to our Winter Park luxury apartments and get ready for the holiday season. Schedule your visit to Juno Winter Park today!